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• A dietary supplement to support relaxation, muscle
relaxation and normal sleep.*

• Anxiety, stress and panic increases the body’s flight or fight
hormone, adrenaline. Adrenaline causes body-wide
physiological changes and over time causes: increased free
radical damage, changes in blood, promotes muscle tension,
increased premenstrual symptoms, increased heart rate and
blood pressure changes, as well as lowering the body’s ability
to cope when exposed to new stressors. This higher state of
excitability also disrupts normal sleep patterns.

RELAX contains herbals that supports quality REM sleep
and promote relaxation, which helps the body to cope
with stress.* These herbs are rich in potassium, magnesium,
calcium, and many trace minerals that support the nervous
system and produce a calming effect.* Valerian supports circulation,
proper muscle function and proper stress coping mechanisms
within the body.* Passion Flower has natural calming effect on
the body.* Hops helps reduce restlessness and supports the
body to manage stress.*

B vitamins promote a restful state and help the body to cope
with stress more efficiently.* They also support nervous
system function as well as supporting neurotransmitter and
hormone function.* Niacin supports circulation and promotes
good serotonin levels for good sleep.* GABA supports
normal brain function and when combined with Inositol has a
natural calming effect.* Inositol helps to support REM sleep
and may help improve sleep quality.* Vitamin B6 has been
added to support the production of GABA and Taurine
production in the body.*

GABA, Taurine and Glycine are amino acids that support
relaxation.* High concentrations of Taurine are found in the
heart, blood cells, muscles, and in the central nervous
system, so supplementation supports a protective effect on
the heart, brain, and muscles.*

Calcium and Magnesium help support normal muscle
function and support relaxation.* Selenium is a potent
free radical fighter. Nutritional deficiencies of selenium,
calcium and magnesium can result in nervousness and